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Expatriate assistance
Your employees or collaborators often take business trips overseas; others are relocated to another country on a short- or long-term basis, sometimes very far away, and with their spouse and children...

Of course, you feel concerned about their daily life, health and security.

Let us help you develop the right solutions in response to their needs.

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Whether it is for a few weeks or several years, an assignment overseas requires careful planning.
You’re leaving on assignment, you’re moving abroad…
We have our experience of international mobility to offer.
Medical Advice
Health news
Preventive advice
Required and recommended vaccination
Health advice
Dietary recommendations
Travel medical kit preparation
The issued medical advice must not under any circumstance be considered as a consultation or be construed as an encouragement to self-medication and does not replace seeing the primary care physician.
If facing a medical emergency, it is imperative to contact medical emergency services first.
Targeted Help
Pre-expatriation evaluations (skills assessment, adaptability assessment, stress management)
Training (geopolitics, culture, economics, security, climate description...)

Relocation Help
Help with administration and paperwork (immigration formalities, passports, visas, customs clearances, tax information and payment, etc.)
Housing search service
Escorts for visits, inventories and rental contract signatures
School search and registration
International moving service and furniture storage units
Vehicle-related issues and driving licenses
Legal advice
Pet advice (import authorizations, vaccinations, etc.)