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Medical assistance
IMA’s know-how in this field is the result of its extensive experience developed through significant volumes of business activity.
IMA medical assistance is the cornerstone of numerous policies taken out by our clients, whether they are insurance companies, service providers, car manufacturers, health mutuals, multinationals, etc...

While it is often offered on an inclusive basis, it can be taken out as a single guarantee, in response to your business’ specific assistance needs.

IMA medical assistance is available anywhere in the world.

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Troubles and unforeseeable events are never part of the plan. Taking out full and efficient health coverage can and must be anticipated, even more so than in any other field.
Medical Services
In the event of injury or illness
Transfer to a nearby medical facility
Medical repatriation with a medical team (physician and/or nurse) if required
Coverage of medical and hospital fees overseas, over and above that provided by the public health system
Third-party payment of residual international hospital expenses
Obtaining and shipping medication, eyeglasses or prostheses
Psychological counseling following a traumatic event
Coverage of mountain rescue expenses overseas, whether related to the practice of skiing or not
Making sure the patient is supported
Coverage of round-trip travel expenses for a family member if the patient is isolated, cannot be transported, or is a child
Coverage of accommodation expenses for the accompanying person
Coverage of return trip expenses for the accompanying person, traveling with the patient if possible
Services Available If the Death Occurs During a Trip
Ensuring the repatriation of the body
Coverage of funeral assistant fees
Coverage of transportation expenses to the place of interment in France
Coverage of expenses related to preparing the body
Coverage of the cost of the coffin or urn necessary for transport
Assistance with administrative procedures
Bringing the family together
Coverage of the cost of the trip to return to the burial place in France for policy beneficiaries who are traveling
The same arrangements apply if decided by IMA physicians when death is impending and unavoidable