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Home repairs and assistance
When it comes to home repairs and assistance, IMA has developed wide-ranging knowledge and skills in this field and is nowadays one of the leading providers in France.

IMA’s attractive and truly innovative offer encompasses every type of situation, from accident-related emergency interventions to repairing damaged goods, to providing support for remodeling projects, all of this in response to the assistance needs expressed by your clients, members and employees.

Let us help you develop the right solutions in response to their needs.

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Accidentally damaged property.
Avoiding Further Damage Following a Storm, Fire, Water Leakage, or Flood
Intervention of tradespeople to handle emergency protection works as required (covering the roof with a tarpaulin, safekeeping of personal belongings, temporary glazing, etc.)

If the building or property is unfit to live in or if personal belongings are destroyed
Site surveillance
Temporary housing arrangements for the occupants
Coverage of expenses for basic necessities (clothing, toiletries …)
Additional services in case of major claims or traumatic events
Housing search help
Psychological assistance
Coverage of travel expenses for the owner to arrive on site
Facing Everyday Problems
breakdowns: boilers, electrical systems, household appliances
loss, theft, breakage, forgotten keys…
Dispatching of specialized and qualified tradespeople (heating engineers, plumbers, locksmiths, etc.)
Household appliance repair or temporary replacement