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In-home healthcare assistance
Whether people are living alone or in a family, daily life at home can be disrupted by an accident-related injury, a sudden illness or death.
This also holds true when it becomes necessary to take care of a disabled or nonautonomous person.

You are seeking appropriate assistance coverage in terms of the situations your clients, members or employees are likely to face.

Let us help you find the protection coverage you need.

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A serious medical problem significantly disrupts life at home.
IMA Intervenes in the Event of an Accident-Related Injury, or a Sudden, Acute and Nonchronic Illness Requiring Hospitalization or Immobilization at Home
To facilitate daily life for the concerned person or the family
Cleaning help
Shopping help, meals on wheels, delivery of cash and medication
Other home help such as home hairdressing, laundry services, gardening
Referral to healthcare facilities (treatments, cures, physical therapy) and specialized physicians
Ambulance transport
Counseling in response to a psychological trauma
Urgent message transmission
Transfer and minding of pets
Seeing-eye dog minding
Transport and accommodation for a family member to look after the patient
Elderly care services by certified providers for family members living in the home

To provide specific care for children
When the child is injured or ill:
Transport and accommodation for a family member in case of hospitalization
At-home child minding by a qualified provider
Home tuition
Commute to school with an appropriate vehicle (paramedical taxis, ambulances)
When one of the parents is immobilized:
Transport and accommodation for a family member to care for the child
Transport to another family member’s home
At-home child minding by a qualified provider
Commute to school

In the Event of Death, IMA Offers Various Services
Funeral organization assistance and help
Intervention of a funeral assistant (within two hours of the call) to orient and organize:
immediate procedures (death certificate, notifications, etc.)
administrative procedures (town hall, police, church, cemetery, etc.)
body transport before it is placed in a coffin from the site of death to the funeral home or residence of the deceased
transport from the funeral home or residence to the place of burial
preparation and carrying out of the ceremony, burial or cremation
Intervention in case of death during a trip
Repatriation of the body to the burial site
Transport of a family member to the place of death
After-funeral assistance and help
Guidelines for after-funeral procedures
Specific information: real estate, notary, succession, donations, surviving spouse rights, documents to be kept, interacting with public administration, etc.
Assistance for the surviving spouse
Telephone psychological counseling service before and after the funeral
Housecleaning help
Child minding
Elderly care
Transfer and minding of pets
Transfer of the spouse to a specialized facility