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Automotive assistance
This includes all of the assistance services provided by IMA for vehicle breakdowns or accident.
Owners and drivers of the vehicle, as well as passengers on board, are all entitled to benefit from this type of assistance coverage.

Insurance companies, car manufacturers, highway management companies, renters, fleet managers, local authorities, transport companies...
You are seeking comprehensive 24/7 assistance services for your vehicles or those used by your clients.
Let us help you find the type of assistance coverage that best responds to your needs.

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IMA has the know-how to deliver high-performance solutions, from organizing emergency services in response to an unexpected turn of events to offering a range of attractive services to enhance your brand image.
An Emergency... An Immobilized Vehicle?

A breakdown, an accident, a theft, a vehicle Fire…
The wrong type of fuel, lost keys…
Whenever they occur, such situations cause minor problems or major worries…

Roadside breakdown assistance
Breakdown assistance at a garage
Towing to an auto repair center
Organization of repairs locally (including temporary repairs)
Complex crane and lifting operations (trucks, vehicle under water or down a ravine…)
On-site or remote expert assessment
Repatriation of the vehicle by a professional transporter
Write-off procedures and related operations
Customs clearance procedures
Receiving and processing of calls dispatched by an in-vehicle telematic device allowing geolocation of the automobile

Attractive Services for Your Clients... Solutions to Increase Customer Loyalty
Concierge service
Maintenance contracts
Maintenance contracts
Accident management
Replacement vehicles
Dedicated extranet
In-vehicle Telematics Device
IMA has gained in-depth experience in handling calls from communication-equipped vehicles and is certified (by the Ministry of the Interior) to receive urgent calls, determine their nature, make necessary verifications and transfer these to the relevant emergency services (fire station, ambulance squad, law enforcement services). For accidents or breakdowns leading to immobilization of the vehicle, the area covered includes Europe and the Mediterranean countries (depending on GSM/GPRS reception quality).

IMA has been providing a leading French car manufacturer with assistance related to emergency geolocated calls for nearly 6 years.
As a creator of innovative assistance solutions, IMA has further developed this concept by offering its own telematics device combining geolocation and wireless technologies, which is suitable for installation in any type of vehicle.
  This device provides access to an unprecedented array of services:
handling of emergency calls dispatched by an in-vehicle telematics device: identification of the nature of the call and geolocation of the incident
manual or automatic (following an impact) triggering of an emergency call and transfer to the appropriate emergency services operator (fire station, ambulance squad, law enforcement services)
geolocalized nonemergency assistance
visual and vocal warnings about accident-prone areas
navigation assistance
hands-free kit
electronic surveillance of the vehicle
tracking of the vehicle by law enforcement authorities in case of theft, through IMA’s secure extranet

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Remote Diagnosis for Automotive Professionals
The multibrand telediagnostic system, DIAG-Assistance, is available to automobile servicing professionals for the remote identification and resolution of breakdowns.
Thanks to specific IT links, our specialists assist these professionals, whether they are mechanics, dealers, or agents.

Through IMA’s in-depth experience of this field, we now have listed over 900 different responses to breakdowns, covering 97.75%.
  To date, over 7000 service centers have access to this service.
  This service is implemented by IMA Technologies,a subsidiary of the IMA Group.
  Further information is available at: