Service providers network of IMA Deutschland
IMA is one of the leading international assistance groups in Europe. Every year IMA provides by its highly trained and experienced multilingual teams medical, technical, domestic or home assistance for millions of persons all over the world.
This success and the liability to operate 24/7, all year round, are only possible due to our network of carefully selected and tightly managed specialist service providers.
Our contractual partners work fast; they are competent and particularly reliable.
The major part of our excellent reputation is the result of the excellent work from our service providers. 6400 companies in Germany and Austria as well as worldwide over 55.000 companies work with IMA.
833 breakdown and towing services
426 taxi companies
407 hotels
1.672 rental car stations
1.670 hospitals, doctors and ambulances
236 breakdown and towing services
142 taxi companies
132 hotels
138 rental car stations
95 hospitals, ambulance services and doctors
230 artisans
20 associations for domestic help
IMA service providers benefit from a partnership with a renowned and international operating assistance company.

Our service providers are supervised by a designated department. Each of our service providers has his own contact person and our regional advisors are endeavoured to help our partners in every request. Our advisors have perfect knowledge of the region in their sector and they visit the service providers on a regularly basis.