Ski disaster in South Tyrol
It was a nice, cold January winter's morning in south Tyrol.

HJ G. was coming down a steep slope very fast when an awkward beginner tries to cross the ski run and forces Mr G. to an emergency stop.. Due to the icy conditions and the speed he falls awkwardly, the perpetrator more than likely didn’t notice anything and had already disappeared around the next bend…

The sharp pain in his right knee didn't bode well. The unfortunate skier was brought by the local mountain rescue team to a nearby hospital, where a complex tibial plateau fracture , necessitating surgery, was diagnosed..


Because of the pretty bad skiing conditions that day, new skiing victims were being brought uninterrupted to the accident surgery centre. The bed and surgery availabilities were soon exceeded, and Mr G. was advised an urgent transfer to Germany for his complex surgery. After receiving initial medical aid and with his leg in plaster he returned to his hotel .

Immediately he registered the accident with his insurance and asked for a medical transfer. Without delay the IMA medical team took great care of the suffering ski-tourist. In agreement with the senior consultant, the surgery appointment in his own local hospital is fixed and his ambulance transfer with an IMA service provider organised for that same day.

Because of Mr G's. inability to drive for a longer period of time, his vehicle will be returned to his home town in a few days with a consolidated transport.

Two days after the accident, once the swelling in his knee had gone down slightly, Mr G.´s knee was operated upon and he will hopefully soon be able to again fulfil his dream of a wonderful ski experience.