A Spirit of Innovation
Where Research and Development are concerned, IMA works on anticipating the multiple and changing needs of its clients through the development of new know-how and the implementation of original service offers.

Taking into account social changes and technological developments enables IMA to ensure that its services evolve on a regular basis for all assistance beneficiaries.
An In-Vehicle Telematics Device
Combining geolocation and wireless technologies, IMA offers a telematics device that is suitable for installation on board any vehicle.
This device offers an unprecedented range of services:
manual or automatic (in case of collision) triggering of an emergency call and vocal contact with competent services (fire station, emergency services, police)
non emergency geolocation assistance
visual and vocal alert system when approaching accident-prone areas
navigation assistance
electronic surveillance of the vehicle
in case of theft, vehicle tracking either by law-enforcement authorities or by an IMA secured extranet

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A Remote Car Diagnostics System
The multibrand remote diagnostics system (Diag-assistance), is available for auto repair professionals to help them identify and solve breakdowns at a distance.
IMA’s experience in this field has led to the listing of over 900 repair options for breakdowns, representing an efficiency rate of 97,75% for the solutions provided.
From a medical standpoint, telemedicine allows hospital practitioners anywhere in the world to communicate with IMA physicians and to transfer medical records (MRIs, scans, exams, etc.) in an encrypted environment, thus guaranteeing confidentiality and traceability.
Beyond its medical applications, telemedicine also ensures streamlined invoicing operations.